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A Brief History Of Nissan GT R

A Brief History Of Nissan GT-R

Nissan has unveiled a host of updates for its 2013 GT-R. Changes to the GT-R include improved engine response, rigid chassis and retuned suspension. Nissan GT-R nicknamed as ‘Godzilla’ gets an update every year since its launch in 2009. Let’s take a look at all upgrades it has had since its introduction in 2009.


When Nissan hit the scene in 2009, its power train came from a twin-turbo 3.8litre V-6 mated with a six speed dual clutch gearbox. This sent power to all four wheels by using Nissan’s all electric ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive system. This V6 engine produced 480bhp and 434 lb-ft of torque. It gave 16mpg in the city and 21mpg on the motorway.


Nissan updated Godzilla in 2010 again by adding 5bhp and new Transmission Control Module (TCM), it improves and optimizes drivability and makes it a faster car. GT-R has more rigid brakes revised Bilstein shocks and bespoke 20-inch RAYS alloy wheels on entry level models. Premium models got a near-black finish and city fuel economy dropped 1 mpg.


In 2011 Nissan dropped the base model and kept just the Premium model. The 2011 GT-R was fitted with slightly darker wheel center caps and double clear-coat paint on front and rear fascias. XM NavTraffic and NavWeather were added to the navigation system as well as automatic headlights, speed-sensitive windshield wipers, streaming audio via Bluetooth, DVD playback, and USB interface came as standard. Rear cooling ducts were stiffer to improve cooling around the floor rear.


In 2012 the GT-R received a dramatic increase in its horsepower which now stood at 530bhp and 448 lb-ft of torque. The economy increased to 16mpg for the urban roads and 23mpg for the motorway. It had increased valve timing; air fuel ratio and turbocharger boost pressure. The aerodynamics was tweaked as well and the front fascia and grille were larger. This also increased the down force by 10 percent. It launched a new Black Edition model which had Recaro seats and red and black interior with a dark headliner.


The latest update to the ‘Godzilla’ will see its power rise to a massive 545bhp and 463Nm of torque. There is no change to the fuel economy. It has new high output fuel injectors for improved throttle response and the acceleration sees a rise too. It has revised shock absorbers for improved handling.

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Car Care And Maintenance For First Time Drivers

Getting that very first car is a big step and life changing event for most young people. A car means potential popularity, independence, and a chance to prove to friends and family that they are mature. For many first time car owners the actual care and long term maintenance of the new vehicle (outside of washing it occasionally) doesn’t even factor into the equation. Ironically enough many of the roadside assistance calls that new car owners make could have been avoided by basic, routine, maintenance.

One of the first things you should always remember is to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles. More than a few people have failed emissions checks and/or ended up having to pay for hundreds of dollars worth of repair simply because they have neglected to get their oil changed. To find out who does oil changes check out your local yellow pages or ask friends and family. Many repair shops offer discounted oil changes several times a year in order to attract new customers so keep your eyes peeled for these sales.

Another thing that can help keep your new car running smoothly is to take advantage of fuel injector cleaner that is sold at almost all gas stations and in chain stores. Adding a bottle fuel injector cleaner to your fuel tank before getting gas can really do wonders. The cleaner removes excess deposits as you drive which helps your car to run noticeably smoother.

Replacing wind shield wipers whenever they become worn is also something that can be extremely useful down the line. There is nothing worse than sitting on the side of the road during a downpour because your wind shield wipers are too old and worn to improve your visibility. Some people go so far as to replace their wind shield wipers each time they get an oil change just to make sure they are never caught in a bad storm with worn wipers.

Last, but not least, keep an eye on your tires. Check your tires often for excessive wear, punctures, and low pressure. Invest in a small pressure checker from your local automotive store or gas station so that you can check your tires to be sure that their pressure is what the owner’s manual recommends. There is nothing worse than getting in your car only to discover that your tire is completely, and totally flat.

In addition to maintaining your car properly, always be prepared for the worst case scenarios. Be sure that you have a spare tire in your car and that you know how to put it on your vehicle in case you get a flat. Keep emergency supplies in your trunk at all time, first aid kits, bottled water, blankets, flashlights, and some snacks in case you are stranded for a long period of time during inclement weather.


2006 Jaguar X Type: Luxury For The Commoner

Prices for top selling luxury cars can easily top $50,000 when taxes, destination charges, and dealer prep fees are factored in. Generally, this isn?t a problem as the customer who purchases a vehicle of this renown can afford the big price tag. However, automakers have learned that there is a market for ?entry level? luxury cars for up and coming buyers who want the name without paying the steep price. The dilemma for automakers is not to water down the product line, rather to offer a car that upholds the marquee without diluting its value. One such car that has successfully filled that criterion is the Jaguar X Type, the focus of this review.

Admittedly, I am biased toward purchasing American cars even through the ups and downs of the U.S. car industry. Still, I am fascinated by changes that occur in vehicles throughout the world as I know that at some point those changes will be incorporated into cars traversing North American highways. One such feature that I have seen grow more commonplace is the use of all wheel drive to power automobiles. Subaru, for years, has offered all wheel drive across their model line, but few cars ? foreign or domestic ? have incorporated what has chiefly been the realm of sport utility vehicles.

In 2002 Jaguar introduced its first all wheel drive car, the X Type, a compact sedan. Fresh on the heels of the successful launch of the midsized S Type, the X Type?s base price began around $30,000 well within the range of other entry level luxury cars in its class including the Saab 9-3 and Audi A4. As a ?bonus? all wheel drive was made standard supposedly giving the X Type an edge over most competitors. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way.

The original X Type performed poorly against the competition. Published reports stated that the car was too small, less dependable, and not as powerful as other cars in its class. Sales were sluggish for the first three years before Jaguar overhauled the car in time for the 2005 model year. For 2006, these changes were brought forward and include as many as one thousand component changes over the original model.

If you purchase an X Type, there is only one engine that comes with the car: a 24 valve 3.0L V6. Paired with a five speed automatic, the engine kicks out a respectable 227hp, not bad for a car weighing in at just over 3500 lbs.

The interior is atypical Jaguar: beautiful. Bronze Sapele wood, finished chrome, and leather appointments truly make the X Type a car lovely to behold on the inside as well as the outside. Standard interior features include an Alpine? 10-speaker, 320-watt sound system; 8 way power adjustable driver?s seat; tilt/cruise; power everything; are some of the stand outs of the X Type. Optional equipment allows for owners to select Bluetooth? hands-free voice connectivity and SIRIUS? Satellite Radio. For ultimate luxury the Vanden Plas edition, formerly available on only larger Jaguars, is now available on the X Type. Larger wheels and an assortment of trim packages are the hallmarks of a Vanden Plas equipped car.

For the exterior, traction control is mated with the all wheel drive system to give an optimum level of handling and braking performance. Rain sensing wipers, power/heated door mirrors, and automatic headlamps are all features found on the X Type. Of course, one of the most sought after features is its looks: distinctive Jaguar lines, the trademark split grille, and quad round headlamps.

Base price for the X Type starts at about $33,000 for the sedan and is three to four thousand dollars more for the Vanden Plas sedan and sport wagon models, respectively. Roughly half of all Jaguar sales come from the X Type and the entire company?s success in North America is dependent on how well the X Type is received. Judging by the changes put in place by Jaguar, the X Type should continue to carry the lion?s share of the market while keeping the Jaguar name front and center.

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Automobile Exhaust System – How Does it Work?

Environment pollution has become a great concern in the modern world. One of the causes of environment pollution is the fumes of various machines like the air-conditioners, refrigerator, automobiles and others. People think about pollution on a per car basis but ignore the bigger picture. There are countless cars in the world today and the number is only going to grow in the future. So will the pollution.

A performance car exhaust system has the following elements which you should know about –

1. Exhaust Manifold – The air that is coming out of your Invidia system is the depleted gases that are used for the incineration that takes place inside your car engine. Normally, the s of the cars are made up of casted iron or steel or aluminum. The main function of the is to take in air and connect it to the head of the cylinder. Thus, from all cylinders is accumulated in one pipe.2. Oxygen Sensors – These are usually placed in the exhaust pipes or in your Skunk2 racing manifold. These are mainly required by the cars that use modern fuel. The oxygen sensors help in regulating the fuel consumption. These give the cars computer readings that can be used to control the fuel going into the engine.3. Catalytic Converter – These change the noxious gases into water vapor. It converts the hydro carbons and carbon monoxide into water vapor and CO2. This leads to lesser emission of pollutants. Catalytic converters are situated around the manifold. The usage of these has become compulsory by the laws of some states.4. Cat-Back – The function of cat-back is to allow smooth flow of gases with minimum back pressure. This point is important because of bends in the system pipes. You can find the cat-back around catalytic converters.5. Mufflers – The main function of this is to reduce the noise that takes place inside the burning of gases that takes place inside an engine consists of multiple explosions which create a huge amount of noise. This noise is stopped by the muffler.

Most of them use baffles which spread the which reduces the energy which in turn, silences the noise. They are also made up of fiber glass which helps to absorb the noise as the gases pass through it.

6. Exhaust Pipe – This is the last component of an automobiles system. This pipe is usually made up of steel that has been aluminized which is hard and sturdy. However, stainless steel is also used to manufacture these pipes. This stainless steel helps by resisting corrosion and thus, lasts longer. The which is produced inside is thrown out through this pipe.

A good system will give you better performance. If your car has a good system, it will function much better. Your system helps to provide an easy way out for the used gases and the engine in your car can work properly and peacefully. Also, if you have a good system, then you will have a greater efficiency of fuel. This will accelerate horsepower and will also benefit the torque.

There are a number of systems available in the market today. You can choose any one of them for better maintenance and performance of your automobile. Just make sure that you buy quality stuff for the benefit of the car you own. If you buy a new car, you might not even have to worry about this.

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National Share The Road Highway Safety Program?s Stop Over In Americade

Yesterday, significant life-saving highway driving tips were offered by top professional truck drivers as part of the American Trucking Associations’ national Share the Road highway safety tour. The Auto Channel reported that the 2008 Americade motorcycle rally presented a wonderful set for the selected group of million mile accident-free drivers to offer their important points in road safety. Motorcycles are the only foremost motor vehicle class in which death rates have increased during the last ten years according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Share the Road stop of The Lake George, N.Y revealed to drivers how to share the road safely with large trucks with sturdy truck parts. As part of ATA’s National Safety Month outreach efforts, the program will carry on through Saturday afternoon, with particularly scheduled “ride-alongs” accessible by demand.

“Americade is a chance for us to talk to a large number of motorcycle enthusiasts about the techniques they should know in order to stay safe around tractor-trailers. Being from upstate New York myself, I feel like I am making a difference here with motorists I see on the highways. Hopefully attendees will leave the show with a better understanding of passing safely, maintaining a safe speed and keeping a minimum following distance, so everyone stays safe out on the highway,” says David May, a professional truck driver for Con-way Freight.

The program will feature professional truck drivers Wayne Crowder (FedEx Ground), Kent Durant (Roadway) and David May (Con-way Freight) at this weekend’s event. Aside from their broad knowledge about road safety and truck parts, these driving experts are members of a selected team of million-mile, accident-free truck drivers who bring the trucking business? safety words, in all corners of the country.

“Share the Road allows me as a truck driver to give people life-saving advice. Most drivers were never taught what they can do to avoid an accident with a tractor-trailer. By being aware of the blind spots around trucks, all drivers can more easily avoid crashes. This information, and other safety advice, will help everyone to share the roads safely,? explained Crowder to all attendees and reporters at the event.

According to the news, today’s presentation of Share the Road safety measures are vital to motorists because:

? Motorcycle fatalities have increased nearly 60 percent for the period of the last five years (NHTSA).

? 35 percent of all truck-involved highway deaths take place in a truck’s blind spots (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

? According to three different studies – including the AAA Traffic Safety Foundation and DOT, 3 out of 4 truck-involved fatalities are by mistake set off by car drivers.


The Lemon Law And Your Rights

If you ever wanted to buy a new automobile, but even if you did not want to, you have to have heard of that extremely favored lemon law. However, you may ask what exactly is a lemon law – well, you see, a lemon law is mainly a way thru which shoppers are guarded if they happen to purchase a defective car. It can be extremely maddening for you to buy the new automobile, the one that had performed a colostomy and find that it is defective.

There have been several cases when folk acquired an automobile and they received one that had major issues, which could not be fix. This is where the lemon law steps in – in this situation, the lemon law obliges the manufacturer to either buy the car back, or simply replace it with a clone. one.

However, if you are within this situation you must note that the lemon law only obliges the manufacturer to either replace or buy the care if the car cannot be repaired after a fixed number of attempts ( customarily three is the maximum number of attempts, but it depends on the maker ) or the fix can’t be finished within a certain time period ( that is customarily adequately short – a number of months ).

The lemon law does not only refer to cars, actually, inside the majority of The lemon law covers motorcycles and motor fine a person as well as automobiles. The unfortunate part about the lemon law is that you will find out that it is defined in different strategies inside each state, so make sure to check it out.

As a small example – in Texas the lemon law requests the manufacturers to either fix or replace any auto makers to be defective a great number of times, because of unknown causes. In some cases, it can even mean a refund, if the number or repairs did not satisfy the shopper, and the problems persist.

Nevertheless, to have your vehicle declared a lemon you should the lemon law very well, because most auto manufacturers count on the fact that folks don’t know much about this. Compared to the lemon law existing in Texas, the one in California significantly benefits the consumer. It is one of the new states thru which you may be protected when buying both a new automobile but also a second user one.

This made Californian consumers ones of the most protected worldwide, since the lemon law has reduced the lemon law has diminished the number defective. Any offender is obliged by the lemon law of California to either refund or replace the defective car.

If you were satisfactorily unlucky and your auto’s a lemon, you should try settling this problem with the manufacturer. Have a talk with your manufacturer explaining him the situation and see if he is interested or California to make a serious approach to your problem. If he appears irrational, you can work your way in court – talk to your lawyer about what you can do in this situation, and remember to have enough papers that will prove your auto’s a lemon.

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Lemon Law Usually Does Not Apply To Recalls 4.2 million cars recalled

Toyota recalled 4.2 million cars for the gas pedal problem. 2.3 million cars are in the United States and 4.2 million cars worldwide, including some of Toyota?s best-selling models, such as the Camry and Corolla. It has recalled millions more because of floor mats that can catch the gas pedal.
Repairs will take about a half-hour and will start in a matter of days. Toyota temporarily stopped selling some of its most popular models. They are subjected to rigorous testing and would solve the problem for the life of the car.
Toyota has announced that a part, a piece of steel about the size of a postage stamp, is en route to dealerships to repair recalled gas pedals and it was welcome news for car owners. Dealerships do not have any parts yet but they are training technicians. A steel shim a couple of millimeters thick needs to be installed in the pedal assembly, behind the top of the gas pedal, to eliminate the excess friction between two pieces of the accelerator mechanism. In rare instances, that friction can cause the pedal to become stuck in the depressed position.

Relief from lemon law

The state?s lemon law applies when an owner takes a vehicle in three or four times for the same problem and the dealer is unable to fix it. In Toyota?s case, the recall shows the company is trying to remedy the situation. The lemon law usually doesn?t apply to recalls.
60 percent of Toyota?s U.S. model mix is being affected by the recall and the halt in production could cost the company about 100,000 vehicles a month if it persists. Toyota has a reputation for strong resale values, which will likely be hit in the near term as the company works to regain consumer trust.

The Texas Lemon Law

Many worried and frustrated Toyota Camry and Corolla owners in Texas are wondering if the Texas Lemon Law could help them get a refund.
Unfortunately, it may not. Car owners have to meet some strict requirements.
In order to qualify for a replacement vehicle or refund under the Texas Lemon Law, one has to have given the dealer and the manufacturer a “reasonable number of attempts” to repair the defect. And most Toyota owners didn’t even know there was a problem until the recall was announced.
The gas pedal defect does meet some of the criteria of the lemon law. For example, it is a “serious safety hazard.” And most of the Toyotas are still under the original warranty.
But in order to file a lemon law complaint, you have to have taken your car in to the dealer to get fixed at least once in the first 12 months or 12,000 miles and at least once during the second 12 months or 12,000 miles.
If those repair attempts fail, you have to notify the manufacturer in writing and give them a chance to fix the car.
And at every step of the way you must keep records of all repair orders, letters and phone calls.
Even if you meet all those requirements, the law only gives you 30 months from when you purchased your car to file a complaint with the state.
The bottom line is the dealer and manufacturer must get a number of chances to fix the problem and in most cases, this recall is really Toyota’s first attempt.
In any case, Toyota owners need to watch their mail for letters notifying them their vehicles are among those that will be repaired.

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Pure Performance – Nissan Skyline R34 Gtr

In 1999 the Nissan Skyline R34 GTR came to life, the latest model, and the best GTR yet. Styling is superb with an all new much more aggressive shape; it looks like a car to be reckoned with. The R34 GTR looks and feels like it got the best from both of the R32 and R33 models in one package.

The interior is simple, sporty, and luxurious, with plenty of head and leg room for taller drivers. Seats are comfy for long trips yet still hold you in when cornering hard. Centre gauges have been replaced with a LCD screen. This shows loads of information like, throttle position, boost pressure, torque split, a built in G-meter, and it has a com-port so you can download your trips data onto a laptop.

In an effort to reproduce the handling feel of the much loved R32 GTR the wheel base was shortened b 7.5cm, chassis rigidity was improved by 50 percent, and the suspension was greatly improved. Revised multi-link rear suspension featured at the rear with McPherson struts with an additional link up front. Ten years had passed since the R32 but the same techno wizardry (HICAS and ATTESSA) remains but these features where greatly improved.

The RB26DETT engine still remains but again improvements where made and because of this the engine has become smoother and quieter. The torque curve has improved and remains flatter throughout the rev range, 400nm is achieved at 4,400rpm this has made the engine more flexible.

Turbo chargers where also revised featuring a dual ball bearing core which reduced lag and improved the power band. The gear box was replaced by a 6 speed getrag which features, shorter ratios, and a shorter throws. Acceleration times have improved, 0-100 is achieved in 4.9 seconds and the 400m sprint in completed in 12.9.

These refinements make driving the GTR a pleasure with every aspect improved. Steering is responsive and grip is phenomenal making this GTR a true cornering machine. Ride quality is on the firm side but harsh bumps are absorbed well, but this is a sports car after all.

Nissan certainly got it right with the R34 you get the extra space and luxury that the R33 provided, as well as the race like feel of the R32. Simply put this Nissan Skyline is well hell of a sports car. For more information on I recommend you visit this website.

Glenn Munn
Skyline enthusiast


Volkswagen To Launch Eos In The Middle East

After the huge success of Volkswagen Eos in Europe, the German automaker believes that this is the perfect time to launch the Eos in the Middle East.

Volkswagen Eos offers best of both worlds with its unique, sporty and powerful features the Eos can be considered a breakthrough in the automobile industry. Its design is especially made for young individuals who are looking for real adventure.

The launching of Eos in the Middle East is a refreshing news especially since the middle east market has gone through a significant change in the recent years brought about by the growth in the numbers of urban professionals in the major cities.

The Eos is fully loaded, with remarkable specs that boast a unique five-piece folding-roof technology, the Middle East will finally get to experience Europe?s fastest moving urban style icon.

The Eos as the world?s first, four-seater is equipped with a one-of-a-kind hardtop dual technology design that boast an integrated sliding/tilting glass roof as standard which makes it as the perfect choice for the extreme climatic conditions in the Middle East.

The shift of the Eos from coupe to cabriolet has been made simple through the integrated electro-hydraulics system which gives the Eos that ability to perform even the sleekest maneuvers in a matter of 25 seconds. Its CSC roof (short for convertible, sliding and coupe roof) is made of steel and glass components which are rarely seen on other vehicles. The hard top technology employed for the Eos is a combination of reliability and complexity rolled into one.

According to Iris Kraska, Marketing and PR Director, Volkswagen Middle East, ?The Eos is a unique car designed for urbanities looking for stylish and powerful vehicles that reflect their distinctive personalities. This is the first car in the world to feature a five-piece hardtop-reflecting the heritage and spirit of Volkswagen engineering and innovation.?

Meanwhile, a controversy is stirring for the past few months as Europe?s largest automaker and maker of quality auto parts Volkswagen spoiler faces an allegation that the automaker is selling unsafe vehicles in Brazil.

Volkswagen?s subsidiary company in Brazil has denied the report that says they are selling unsafe vehicles in the Brazilian market compared to the ones exported to Europe. To put an end on the damaging report, Volkswagen?s Brazil has released a press statement in response to the heavy criticism from a consumer organization that says some of the Volkswagen vehicles are not equipped with essential safety features such as double air bags.

According to NGO Pro Teste, the crash tests on Volkswagen cars has shown the worst results in recent times with an increased risk of death during a collision in a model sold in the Brazilian market and further stated that one had double airbags while the others did not.

Volkswagen Brazil argued that the organization has compared performance of two different models which according to them would invalidate the tests. Volkswagen subsidiary company in Brazil further stated that the models they are selling in the Brazilian market are comprised of vehicles with or without the double airbags and it simply depends on the customers which one they will purchase.

Volkswagen Brazil also pointed out that about 100 percent of the European consumers buy models that are equipped with double airbags while only 2.8 percent purchase models with single airbags due mainly to financial constraints and probably consumer habits. 563

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Buying Dirt Cheap Cars And Fixing Them Up Is A Goldmine For A Handy Mechanic

For vehicle enthusiasts who are also entrepreneurs, buying and selling vehicles for profit is a great income generator. Whether as a side job or doing it full time, flipping cars entails buying a vehicle cheap because it needs a little work and then selling it for a profit.

Since the vehicles are owned outright, there is no carrying cost therefore they can be sold at whatever rate the seller sets for them. If you are mechanically inclined and know your way around a vehicle, this might just be the job for you. It all starts with your first vehicle, and finding that first vehicle is is what follows further on in this article.

Newspaper Ads

Your local newspaper will have quite a few deals to be had for someone willing to get rid of a car. Not knowing what is wrong with it could be a red flag, but not for the vehicle mechanic. Simply buying cars like these for only a few hundred dollars will enable you to pay for the parts to fix whatever issue the vehicle has. If you start with vehicles that are similar, such as fleet vehicles, their parts are extremely cheap as their parts fit quite a lot of models and years. The idea is to get the vehicle as clean as possible as well. Once the mechanics have been completed, send the car to get detailed or pay the neighborhood kid to wash, wax and vacuum the vehicle. A clean car could be all the difference in a sale.

The Internet and Free Ads

With the explosion of the Internet, advertising has never been simpler or cheaper. Your reach now includes miles of territory where before you were somewhat limited to the newspaper in your town. As with all vehicles purchased “As-Is, Where Is,” you should sell them just the same. You have no idea how the next person will treat the vehicle you just reconditioned or any underlying problem that you didn’t detect in your initial inspection.

Make sure you have a sellers and buyers contract that stipulates that the vehicle sold is in AS-IS condition. If you are good with bodywork then you are also in the right market as these vehicles are all over the place. Body parts for these vehicles are somewhat inexpensive and the the vehicle might have minor damage that is easily repairable.

Places to find really cheap cars are police impound lots where auctions are usually held monthly. Also ebay, Craigslist and, believe it or not, new car lots. New car lots get trades that they know they will have a hard time getting rid of. Another great place for cheap cars is insurance companies as they will typically purchase a vehicle from a client when it will cost more to fix than to scrap.