2006 Jaguar X Type: Luxury For The Commoner

Prices for top selling luxury cars can easily top $50,000 when taxes, destination charges, and dealer prep fees are factored in. Generally, this isn?t a problem as the customer who purchases a vehicle of this renown can afford the big price tag. However, automakers have learned that there is a market for ?entry level? luxury cars for up and coming buyers who want the name without paying the steep price. The dilemma for automakers is not to water down the product line, rather to offer a car that upholds the marquee without diluting its value. One such car that has successfully filled that criterion is the Jaguar X Type, the focus of this review.

Admittedly, I am biased toward purchasing American cars even through the ups and downs of the U.S. car industry. Still, I am fascinated by changes that occur in vehicles throughout the world as I know that at some point those changes will be incorporated into cars traversing North American highways. One such feature that I have seen grow more commonplace is the use of all wheel drive to power automobiles. Subaru, for years, has offered all wheel drive across their model line, but few cars ? foreign or domestic ? have incorporated what has chiefly been the realm of sport utility vehicles.

In 2002 Jaguar introduced its first all wheel drive car, the X Type, a compact sedan. Fresh on the heels of the successful launch of the midsized S Type, the X Type?s base price began around $30,000 well within the range of other entry level luxury cars in its class including the Saab 9-3 and Audi A4. As a ?bonus? all wheel drive was made standard supposedly giving the X Type an edge over most competitors. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way.

The original X Type performed poorly against the competition. Published reports stated that the car was too small, less dependable, and not as powerful as other cars in its class. Sales were sluggish for the first three years before Jaguar overhauled the car in time for the 2005 model year. For 2006, these changes were brought forward and include as many as one thousand component changes over the original model.

If you purchase an X Type, there is only one engine that comes with the car: a 24 valve 3.0L V6. Paired with a five speed automatic, the engine kicks out a respectable 227hp, not bad for a car weighing in at just over 3500 lbs.

The interior is atypical Jaguar: beautiful. Bronze Sapele wood, finished chrome, and leather appointments truly make the X Type a car lovely to behold on the inside as well as the outside. Standard interior features include an Alpine? 10-speaker, 320-watt sound system; 8 way power adjustable driver?s seat; tilt/cruise; power everything; are some of the stand outs of the X Type. Optional equipment allows for owners to select Bluetooth? hands-free voice connectivity and SIRIUS? Satellite Radio. For ultimate luxury the Vanden Plas edition, formerly available on only larger Jaguars, is now available on the X Type. Larger wheels and an assortment of trim packages are the hallmarks of a Vanden Plas equipped car.

For the exterior, traction control is mated with the all wheel drive system to give an optimum level of handling and braking performance. Rain sensing wipers, power/heated door mirrors, and automatic headlamps are all features found on the X Type. Of course, one of the most sought after features is its looks: distinctive Jaguar lines, the trademark split grille, and quad round headlamps.

Base price for the X Type starts at about $33,000 for the sedan and is three to four thousand dollars more for the Vanden Plas sedan and sport wagon models, respectively. Roughly half of all Jaguar sales come from the X Type and the entire company?s success in North America is dependent on how well the X Type is received. Judging by the changes put in place by Jaguar, the X Type should continue to carry the lion?s share of the market while keeping the Jaguar name front and center.


The Lemon Law And Your Rights

If you ever wanted to buy a new automobile, but even if you did not want to, you have to have heard of that extremely favored lemon law. However, you may ask what exactly is a lemon law – well, you see, a lemon law is mainly a way thru which shoppers are guarded if they happen to purchase a defective car. It can be extremely maddening for you to buy the new automobile, the one that had performed a colostomy and find that it is defective.

There have been several cases when folk acquired an automobile and they received one that had major issues, which could not be fix. This is where the lemon law steps in – in this situation, the lemon law obliges the manufacturer to either buy the car back, or simply replace it with a clone. one.

However, if you are within this situation you must note that the lemon law only obliges the manufacturer to either replace or buy the care if the car cannot be repaired after a fixed number of attempts ( customarily three is the maximum number of attempts, but it depends on the maker ) or the fix can’t be finished within a certain time period ( that is customarily adequately short – a number of months ).

The lemon law does not only refer to cars, actually, inside the majority of The lemon law covers motorcycles and motor fine a person as well as automobiles. The unfortunate part about the lemon law is that you will find out that it is defined in different strategies inside each state, so make sure to check it out.

As a small example – in Texas the lemon law requests the manufacturers to either fix or replace any auto makers to be defective a great number of times, because of unknown causes. In some cases, it can even mean a refund, if the number or repairs did not satisfy the shopper, and the problems persist.

Nevertheless, to have your vehicle declared a lemon you should the lemon law very well, because most auto manufacturers count on the fact that folks don’t know much about this. Compared to the lemon law existing in Texas, the one in California significantly benefits the consumer. It is one of the new states thru which you may be protected when buying both a new automobile but also a second user one.

This made Californian consumers ones of the most protected worldwide, since the lemon law has reduced the lemon law has diminished the number defective. Any offender is obliged by the lemon law of California to either refund or replace the defective car.

If you were satisfactorily unlucky and your auto’s a lemon, you should try settling this problem with the manufacturer. Have a talk with your manufacturer explaining him the situation and see if he is interested or California to make a serious approach to your problem. If he appears irrational, you can work your way in court – talk to your lawyer about what you can do in this situation, and remember to have enough papers that will prove your auto’s a lemon.


Volkswagen To Launch Eos In The Middle East

After the huge success of Volkswagen Eos in Europe, the German automaker believes that this is the perfect time to launch the Eos in the Middle East.

Volkswagen Eos offers best of both worlds with its unique, sporty and powerful features the Eos can be considered a breakthrough in the automobile industry. Its design is especially made for young individuals who are looking for real adventure.

The launching of Eos in the Middle East is a refreshing news especially since the middle east market has gone through a significant change in the recent years brought about by the growth in the numbers of urban professionals in the major cities.

The Eos is fully loaded, with remarkable specs that boast a unique five-piece folding-roof technology, the Middle East will finally get to experience Europe?s fastest moving urban style icon.

The Eos as the world?s first, four-seater is equipped with a one-of-a-kind hardtop dual technology design that boast an integrated sliding/tilting glass roof as standard which makes it as the perfect choice for the extreme climatic conditions in the Middle East.

The shift of the Eos from coupe to cabriolet has been made simple through the integrated electro-hydraulics system which gives the Eos that ability to perform even the sleekest maneuvers in a matter of 25 seconds. Its CSC roof (short for convertible, sliding and coupe roof) is made of steel and glass components which are rarely seen on other vehicles. The hard top technology employed for the Eos is a combination of reliability and complexity rolled into one.

According to Iris Kraska, Marketing and PR Director, Volkswagen Middle East, ?The Eos is a unique car designed for urbanities looking for stylish and powerful vehicles that reflect their distinctive personalities. This is the first car in the world to feature a five-piece hardtop-reflecting the heritage and spirit of Volkswagen engineering and innovation.?

Meanwhile, a controversy is stirring for the past few months as Europe?s largest automaker and maker of quality auto parts Volkswagen spoiler faces an allegation that the automaker is selling unsafe vehicles in Brazil.

Volkswagen?s subsidiary company in Brazil has denied the report that says they are selling unsafe vehicles in the Brazilian market compared to the ones exported to Europe. To put an end on the damaging report, Volkswagen?s Brazil has released a press statement in response to the heavy criticism from a consumer organization that says some of the Volkswagen vehicles are not equipped with essential safety features such as double air bags.

According to NGO Pro Teste, the crash tests on Volkswagen cars has shown the worst results in recent times with an increased risk of death during a collision in a model sold in the Brazilian market and further stated that one had double airbags while the others did not.

Volkswagen Brazil argued that the organization has compared performance of two different models which according to them would invalidate the tests. Volkswagen subsidiary company in Brazil further stated that the models they are selling in the Brazilian market are comprised of vehicles with or without the double airbags and it simply depends on the customers which one they will purchase.

Volkswagen Brazil also pointed out that about 100 percent of the European consumers buy models that are equipped with double airbags while only 2.8 percent purchase models with single airbags due mainly to financial constraints and probably consumer habits. 563


Caliber-ated To Replace The Neon

The Dodge Caliber actually started out as a concept car during the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. It has been exquisitely designed so as to fill in the void left by most vehicles. It also is marketed towards no particular target area for it is generally meant for the US market as well as the international market.

Remarking on the concept vehicle, Trevor Creed, the Chrysler Group?s senior vice president for design, states, ?With its bold styling and clever packaging, Caliber is pure Dodge. This concept is a new slant on one of the world?s most competitive segments. The Dodge Caliber concept brings emotion to the C-segment sea of sameness and strongly hints at the future direction of Dodge in the global car market.?

Now, making its way to the market is the 2007 Dodge Caliber. It is due to come out in the middle of this year. Dodge says that this vehicle is the effective replacement of the bland and monotonous Dodge Neon. The Dodge Caliber has been made to be a bold sport utility vehicle minivan crossover. It holds a confident and breezy side glass. Its platform is actually the very same one that the upcoming new generation of Mitsubishi Lancers would be using. Its engine is a gas engine that is from the Mitsubishi and Chrysler joint ventures. This SUV minivan crossover features Chrysler?s first continuously variable transmission, or also known as the CVT. The CVT has been specially designed so as to increase performance and fuel efficiency at the same time. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. The Dodge Caliber holds five doors.

Another new thing that the Dodge Caliber will be boasting about will be the electronically controlled all wheel drive system. This also optimizes fuel efficiency. This system works on demand and it drives only the front wheels until power to the rear wheels is actually needed. If you are interested in acquiring your own Dodge Caliber, you may have to start deciding first as to what color you would like the Dodge Caliber to come in. Dodge offers a variety of colors for this new vehicle. These new colors are ultimately something that could make the Dodge Caliber unique and very different from the rest of the machines rolling down the streets. The color choices comprise of stone white, marine blue pearl, steel blue metallic, sunburst orange pearl, solar yellow, black, bright silver metallic, and inferno red crystal pearl.